Can Dental Implants Replace My Dentures?

Did you used to love your dentures? Click image above.

Have they begun to slip and click at embarrassing moments? Do you find yourself avoiding social situations where your dentures might leave you feeling awkward? Has your dentist mentioned that your bones are beginning to shrink and that you need to get your dentures refit? If this sounds familiar, you should consider talking to your dentist regarding dental implants.

Dental implants are placed directly into the bones of the jaw. They can be a replacement for a single missing tooth, or they can provide the anchor for a dental bridge or a full set of dentures. Dentures that utilize dental implants are known as hybrid dentures, and they are extremely stable. Their grip on the mouth is through the implant and thereby the jawbone. It is superior to any adhesive or suction grip possible through standard dentures and is the most like natural teeth.

When you replace your dentures with dental implants, the dentures become far more like dental bridges than standard dentures. Sometimes, your existing dentures can be retrofit to work with your new implants. These hybrid dentures are made so that the roof of the mouth is open, and the pink acrylic gum tissue utilized in standard dentures is pared down, relieving the uncomfortable feeling of “fullness” that standard dentures can bring.

Dental implants allow such stability that you are able to enjoy a wider variety of foods than you could before. Nutritious, crunchy foods that were previously not recommended are now back on the menu. Your new dentures will look extremely natural and will not clack or slip when you talk or eat. They are so secure that they will help restore your self-confidence, giving you benefits both in your personal life and in your work life.

If you have questions about how dental implants can replace your dentures, talk to your cosmetic dentist or prosthodontist today. Don’t wait to begin enjoying food – and life – again.


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