Cosmetic Dentistry is for Everyone

2015-1Long ago when aesthetic dentistry was first introduced, people believed that those procedures were only catered to the rich and famous. Even though celebrities and others high in society often seek the expertise of cosmetic dentists to achieve their beautiful smiles, that doesn’t mean we all can’t benefit from it. The objective is to provide treatments to improve the appearance of your teeth and gums. It has become mainstream nowadays as the treatments become affordable to the general public. These are the common cosmetic procedures that you might consider.

These are thin shells usually made of porcelain that can be placed on the fronts of your teeth, making them look perfect and brand new. They hide problems like stains, gaps, chips, and crooked teeth. Veneers provide a simple and painless way to correct your smile and restore your smile.

These are placed over your natural tooth after the decay has been removed. Dental crowns address the problem that dental fillings are painful or unattractive. Crowns are great as they restore both the function and appearance of your teeth, so you can chew better and have great appearance.

Teeth bleaching
This is perhaps the most popular treatment, which focuses solely on the appearance of your teeth. There are several options for whitening: at home or at the dentist’s office, but rapid results can be achieved when whitening is performed in a professional setting. The dentist will use a much higher concentration of the whitening agent. As results, your teeth can be whiter by a few shades.

Teeth straightening
Are your teeth crooked or have gaps in between them? Is your jaw not in proper alignment? Then teeth straightening is something to be considered. It’s not limited to adolescents only, but is common among adults as well. Clear braces and removable aligner trays provide the ability to straighten your teeth without others even noticing you’re undergoing those treatments.


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