Dental Implants Are the Future


Dentures have been around for thousands of years, but dental implants may take the lead as the most popular way to replace missing teeth. Many patients prefer implants over dentures because they provide a very secure solution. Surgically inserted directly into the jaw to become a permanent part of the body, implants skip some of the hazards commonly associated with dentures. No more slipping, special cleaning, speech difficulties, or other issues.

In addition to these great benefits of dental implants, there are other reasons that they are gaining in popularity. One of these is the fact that the population is aging. Even with good oral care and regular checkups, natural teeth may not last a lifetime. Over 35 million Americans are estimated to have lost multiple teeth, and many of those are over age 65. Historically, dentures have been the primary solution for replacing missing teeth. Now dental implants are increasing in popularity as people are seeking the best ways to restore their smiles.

Another factor that plays a role in the additional need for implants is the rising life expectancy today. People live longer lives than they used to, making the chances even greater for tooth loss as they age. If teeth are lost at an early enough age that people might be facing numerous years with a dental restoration, implants have become even more appealing. Instead of dealing with uncomfortable, messy dentures for many years, dental implants offer a simple and hassle-free alternative.

It may be true that when they were first developed, dental implants might have been considered a luxury only available to rich people or celebrities. This is no longer the case, as implants are a standard restoration offered by most dentists. Dental implants are common for people in all walks of life.

With the innovations occurring in dentistry, dental implants are one of the best outcomes of the advanced technology. They are the wave of the future for patients on the quest for a beautiful and fully functional smile.


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