Dispelling the Rumors Linking Root Canal Treatment and Cancer

People who are looking for reasons to avoid getting that root canal treatment that the dentist has advised may latch on to a rumor that the procedure can be linked to cancer. This is just that, an unfounded rumor that does nothing but place fear and hesitation in the minds of people who hear it.

There is no scientific evidence to support the idea that root canal treatment and cancer are linked. The origin of this rumor is believed to have started with untested and unsupported claims, and then with the reach of media and technology, the rumor has spread. Perhaps the idea goes way back to very early dentistry when there was little research, testing, and information available on the procedure. The good news is that dentistry has advanced a great deal since root canal therapy first began. Digital X-rays, rubber dams, lasers for cleaning, and other advancements make today’s root canal procedures safe and effective.

One of the most common reasons that root canal treatment is needed is that infection or bacteria is present in the tooth’s pulp. These are completely removed during the procedure and the canal is thoroughly cleaned, so there’s no likelihood of bacteria entering your bloodstream and causing problems such as cancer as made in false claims. Another rumor is that the dead tissue removed from the tooth can be toxic to the patient, but this is also untrue.

People who support the theory that root canal treatment is linked to cancer suggest tooth extraction instead. Nearly all reputable endodontists and dentist say that saving your real tooth is preferred to losing it through extraction. Losing a tooth instead of restoring it through root canal treatment is almost always advised.

Instead of worrying about an unsupported rumor, the better choice is to see your dentist for regular checkups and to maintain good oral hygiene at home. Good oral health care has proven to lower your chances of problems, including infections and diseases, and will go much farther in improving your health than clinging to false rumors.

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