Root Canals Don’t Have to be Scary

One of the most alarming things patients can hear from their dentist is that they need a root canal. The treatment has a bad reputation of being painful and scary, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Once you become familiar with the procedure, it will be less daunting and you will see the benefits it provides to your health.

What is it?
The chamber that contains your tooth’s nerve and pulp inside your tooth’s root is called the root canal. It becomes very painful if it gets infected or decayed, sometimes so severely that an abscess forms under the root. It’s often too late for a filling to help when it becomes badly infected. All of the decayed matter must be removed from the canal before it spreads and your health is compromised. This entire process is called root canal treatment.

Why would I need one?
The most common reasons for infections in the root canal are decay, repeated or large fillings, cracked or chipped tooth, and multiple procedures on a tooth. The area may become very painful and you will know that something is wrong.

What happens during the procedure?
Advancements in root canal treatment make the procedure less painful and frightening than in the past. Your dentist will take an X-ray to see the extent of the problem, and then the area will be deadened for the procedure. A hole will be drilled into the tooth to remove the decayed tissue and the root canal will be thoroughly cleaned. Afterwards, the drilled hole is filled with a sealant. Your dentist will try to save your natural tooth, but sometimes a crown must be placed on top if the tooth can’t be salvaged.

Who performs root canals?
All dentists receive training in root canal treatment, but not all general dentists perform this procedure. Specialists called endodontists are extensively trained in root canals and can handle even the most advanced cases.

We offer root canal treatment at our Huntington Beach dental office