Special Occasions Call for Special Smiles

You may not be thinking about your smile every single day, but when special occasions arrive it may rise to the top of your list. Your smile speaks volumes about you, such as giving good or bad impressions and reflecting on your hygiene habits. It also impacts your personality and confidence, and no one wants to be hiding in the corner embarrassed of their smile on a special day. Instead, improve your look with a smile makeover. Whether you’d like to makeover your smile for a regular day or in preparation for something special, here are some ways to do it.

Teeth whitening
There are lots of methods to choose from when it comes to brightening your smile. You can find many over-the-counter products such as strips, toothpastes, and gels. These offer varying levels of improvement if used consistently and patiently. However, if you’re gearing up for an imminent special occasion, professional whitening treatment in an office setting is a better way to go. Stronger concentrations of the whitening agents provide fast and impressive results.

Cosmetic procedures
There are many choices when it comes to smile makeover procedures. Before your big event approaches on the calendar, make an appointment with a cosmetic dentist to see which treatments can help you. Crooked teeth can be corrected with orthodontics, chips can be hidden under veneers, old fillings can be replaced with white composite ones, flaws can be correcting with bonding, and gum lines can be altered through contouring. Some of these procedures are quick fixes and others require some time, so think about your smile makeover early.

If you run out of time before your special occasion, consider using makeup tricks to improve the appearance of your smile. Polishing your teeth can make them look whiter. Wear lipsticks with a blue undertone to brighten your smile, as opposed to brown tones that will emphasize yellow teeth. Consider using darker makeup base or getting an artificial tan to help make your teeth look whiter as well.

We offer smile makeovers at our Huntington Beach dental office.