Symptoms that Something is Wrong with your Mouth

It is highly unlikely that you’ll go through life without some type of dental problem. Click image above to learn more. Some issues may be minor and taken care of with good dental hygiene and regular checkups, while other conditions can require extensive treatment. It’s important to pay attention to your mouth so that you don’t ignore or neglect problems until it’s too late. You don’t want to end up with severe pain or extensive procedures, when often all it takes watching for signs that something is wrong. Here are some problems that you should look for in order to have the best oral health.

Bleeding gums
When your gums bleed, it’s a sign that they are weakened and can eventually lead to losing teeth because your gums can’t effectively support your teeth. There are a number of causes for gum problems. Some of these include poor dental hygiene, infection, and bacteria lingering along your gums. In addition to bleedling, other early signs of gum disease are redness and swelling. If you notice any of these gum issues, see your dentist as soon as possible to avoid more severe problems in the future.

Tooth sensitivity
Pain or discomfort from consuming hot or cold items means that you may have decay or damage to your tooth enamel. This protective layer over your teeth covers your nerves, so when damaged your teeth will feel sensitive. Poor oral care is a primary reason for this problem. A visit to your dentist will help address the causes for your sensitivity and provide treatment suggestions.

If you have swelling around your jaw or gums, it can indicate several conditions that require dental treatment. Swelling in the tooth area may be a sign of infection or decay, and if not treated quickly can mean a root canal or an extraction in your future instead of a simpler early treatment like a filling.


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