The Importance of a Smile Makeover

Your smile is one of the first things someone notices about you. Having a good smile is a sign of health and youthfulness, and those possessing a good smile naturally exude confidence and ease. This comfort is brought about by a knowledge that they can eat, converse, smile and laugh in public without fear of an unsightly smile.

If you are considering a smile makeover, you may already have noticed areas of your life where your smile is holding you back. Do you smile closed-mouthed in photos? Do you cover your mouth when you laugh? Do you avoid eating with friends for fear of your mouth’s condition? Have you avoided dating because intimate conversation and contact are problematic for you because of your teeth?

Personally and professionally, our smiles can hold us back. Without realizing it, everyone you meet is making an unconscious impression of you based on your teeth. Smiles that are decayed, dingy in color, or with missing teeth send an often erroneous message about our backgrounds, our priorities and our social statuses that can affect us negatively, causing us to miss out on that first date or that job promotion.

Don’t let your smile hold you back another moment. Working with a skilled cosmetic dentist, you can make a plan to address everything you don’t like about your mouth. Whether it’s the shape of your teeth, their alignment, their color or their condition, your cosmetic dentist can help you makeover your smile completely.

You may need work to make your mouth healthier with a renewed commitment to oral hygiene and regular checkups. Orthodontics might be a part of your smile makeover, or you may whiten and brighten your smile with in-office whitening treatments. Dental veneers can change the shape, color and length of one or more problematic teeth, while dental bridges or dental implants can remedy missing or gapped teeth.

Your smile is a huge part of who you are. Start expressing your best self with a smile makeover. Begin working toward that goal with your cosmetic dentist today.

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