The Steps in the Dental Implant Process

Dental implants provide an excellent and permanent way to restore missing teeth.

The implant is a titanium rod that serves to replace the missing tooth root in the jaw. After that, an artificial tooth is placed on top of it and the restoration to be considered finished. It is a comfortable and natural-looking way for patients to regain their beautiful smiles. Although every dentist may be different in their approach, here are some basic steps to this process.

Treatment Planning
Before proceeding, the dentist will create models of the teeth to study spacing issues and simulate exactly how the mouth fits together. Some X-rays will be taken, usually a CT scan to aid in computer-generated planning. Dentists use these techniques to assist them in determining the best plan for their patient. All this is necessary to achieve the best dental implant results.

Implant placement
As it is oral surgery, the dental implants are inserted after local anesthesia is given. The procedure is conducted in a surgery setting. Sedation is also often used for patients with dental anxiety or who are having additional procedures like bone grafting before the implant. In complicated situations, general anesthesia may be administered too. The first part of implant placement involves placing the titanium implant under the gums. After that, a period of a couple of months is required for healing and osseo-integration. The dentist will make an impression for the artificial tooth to be created. A temporary tooth is then placed over the implant for the comfort of the patient until the final tooth is ready.

Implant restoration
The final stage involves placement of the final restoration, usually a crown. This is done after checking the patient’s mouth and observing the size, fit, color, and placement. If it is deemed acceptable, the artificial restoration will then be placed using cement or screw. This marks the completion of the dental implant and the patient will be able to enjoy having a full set of teeth once again.


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