What if I Knock Out a Tooth?

Whether you’ve broken a tooth or it has fallen out completely, it can strike fear and panic when a dental emergency like this occurs. The smartest thing to do is to be prepared before it happens, so that you know what to do so that you have the best chances of saving your smile.

First, stay calm and evaluate the situation. If you feel the dental emergency requires immediate care by a professional, call an ambulance or go to a hospital. However, not all problems require that level of action.

When a tooth is knocked out, there is usually a lot of bleeding. This can be both frightening and painful. Hold a clean cloth to the bleeding area, and you or someone else should deal with the lost tooth at the same time. Gently rinse your tooth with water to clean it off. Do not wash it too harshly or take off any remaining tissue attached to it. Be very careful to ensure your tooth doesn’t fall down the drain; you might consider placing a towel in the sink over the drain to prevent that from happening.

If possible, gently place your tooth back into the opening it came from. If this doesn’t work, put your tooth in a small container of milk. This will help the tooth survive until you can get to the dentist for care. Take your tooth with you and visit your dentist immediately.

Time is important when a tooth has been knocked out. Knowing how to examine, clean, and take care of a tooth that has been lost is vital to help your chances of your tooth being successfully reimplanted in your mouth.

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