Why Dentures Could be a Part of Your Smile Makeover

Most people think of dentures as something elderly people have –  Click image above in a glass by their bedside, the end result of having no teeth. The truth, however, is that dentures can be a perfect solution for patients who still have teeth, but whose teeth and gums are in such poor shape that they are in constant pain. These patients have typically suffered years of self-consciousness and discomfort in an effort to preserve failing teeth. Extracting the decayed teeth completely and turning toward dentures can be life-changing for these patients.

The classic image of dentures is even slipping away as advancements in materials, technology and methodology improve each year. In the past, dentures would have large acrylic bases that covered large portions of the mouth, including the roof of the mouth, a necessary element for good denture adhesion. Now, dentures can be made much smaller and can be affixed securely to dental implants planted firmly into bone. They are much more similar to traditional dental bridges, and they look like and function more as your natural teeth once did when they were healthy.

Many patients hesitate at the thought of extracting their remaining teeth in order to replace them with dentures, especially if they’ve spent years trying to revitalize and restore them. Sometimes, after so much struggle and pain, turning to dentures can be a life-changing relief. The constant source of pain and embarrassment is gone, replaced by an attractive, natural-looking smile. Dentures are created in laboratories by skilled tooth artists. Your dentures could potentially look better than your natural smile ever did.

Don’t continue to suffer trying to save a few failing teeth; talk to the dentist at our Huntington Beach dental office about using dentures as part of your smile makeover. You’ll be happy you did.